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[.Rebirth The Edge.] by pandalecko

So I heard you'd like a critique for this one?

I will start with the character.
DAMN. This pose. Is awesome. I don't care whether you used a ref, I wouldn't be able to do this with a ref :iconmingplz:
The hands look amazing. Just the whole anatomy is great. All dem muscles *-*
The shading is also really nice. Even though it's not the same style as the background's they still match.
You just made me love Zan a bit more :Y

Now, the only thing that bugs me a bit about him are the claws on his feet. They seem to be growing out unnaturally, it looks like they were just glued on. But drawig claws is hard and I can't do it myself, so I shaddup :'D

To the background.
The clouds look so fluffy, I love it!
The water is amazing, that's all I can say. and I just love LOVE the water-blurr-effect-thingies you did where the water covers his body. That adds a nice touch and even though these are actually very small details, they really make a bit difference.
The colors all match so well, it gives the picture a warm and calm atmosphere even though it's actually quite chaotic/ full of movements.
On the bottom right corner the water dust/drops kind of look like snow. It doesn't actually fit the picture, but somehow I like it. c:

Overall, you did a great job! I can barely see any mistakes, if at all! And the picture is fun to look at, investigating all the little details you put in there *-* And you can see how much effort and love you did this picture. That's what I call art. <3
Just my rule: You can't possibly call it 'art' if it doesn't come from your heart.' (It even rhymes!)

If you keep it up that way and keep improving like that- Oh god, I think my eyes will explode. <33

Serah-senpai is proud ;v;
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pandalecko Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

About the shading - yeah, I really tried to make the two different styles match. I can't help, I'm not for soft shading, I'm more for cell shading. So I might as well try my best to make the two things match.

Haha I know, I'm trying to make them look as if they were kind of... canine-like? Difficult to say. I certainly have to study more the anatomy of paws and such, cause they're pretty much a pain to draw right now.

Oh, yeah. I'll admit, it IS a bit chaotic. I've spent... one hour? Yeah more or less. Just working on the tiny details such as the water splashes, lights, water drops and such that you can see. AND THE CLOUDS. MAN THE CLOUDS. MASSIVE HATE RIGHT THERE. They took an ungodly amount of time. >8C

THAT is a rule I must take to the heart. ;w;
Serah-Laboratories Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope :iconchucktestaplz:

I have to agree, the cell shading really fits you! >w< But it cool to have different shading styles in one pictures (as long as they match), that makes it look more....lively?

Oh, I didn't mean 'chaotic' in a bad way D: It fits the situation C:
Why do you hate the clouds, they look good! >:Y

Welcome, Marty! I hope it helped >w<
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